Hi Everyone,

I want to use an airlift pump to "pull" water around a horseshoe shaped pond:

Here is what I am thinking for what a cross section might look like where the two ends of the horseshoe meet:

Where the two ends of the horseshoe meet I would install a horizontal pipe through the "dam" that separates the water on either side of the horseshoe. On one side I would add an elbow which would connect into a vertical section. At the bottom of this vertical section I would pump in air. My hope is that the rising air would "pull" water through the horizontal section and up the vertical section, causing a large of amount of water to circulate around the horseshoe with minimal electricity and lots of aeration along the way.

I think you are right that a few bigger pipes would be easier and cheaper to build and maintain then a lot of smaller pipes, so I will probably go with that.

What do you think of the idea otherwise? Would it be an effective way to circulate the water around the horseshoe? Any gotchas you think I might be missing?

Could I pump the outlet side of the horsehoe into shallower water with plants to filter the water?

How deep should I pull the water from on the inlet side of the horseshoe (this will be the deepest part of the pond, about 20 feet to the bottom if I wanted to go that far down)?


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