He IS a VERY good friend! They eventually made it up. Unfortunately he did not bring back good news.

The hole from the aeration has been struggling badly for about a month. The hole consistently shrank. It went from one large hole to two separate holes, to two small holes, to one small hole, to gone. The one single hole would reappear and then disappear one or two days to the next. We have lots of speculation to why the hole would disappear and reappear, but no solid answer. I figured the DO was going to take a big hit.

He said the lake has a thick layer of slushy snow on top. After he cleared away the slush he drilled a hole to measure DO. He said the ice was from his elbow to the very tip of his finger. Estimating 18"-20" thick. He measured in 7' of water and got 1ppm down to .8ppm. The spot he measured was no where near a diffuser. Neither him nor I wanted him getting anywhere near any possible thin ice.

While he was up he put 6 pints of alcohol through the airlines 1/2 a pint or 1 pint at a time. He let some of the doses soak in for up to 20-30 minutes before blowing air through and adding more alcohol. We have already seen an improvement in the aeration holes. All we can hope is there is enough snow on the ground now that it is insulating the airlines and they were starting to thaw on their own and/or they will not refreeze after this round of alcohol. Traditionally February and March are our snowiest months.

I am assuming a lot of fish are dead. We are back to the drawing board again for solutions to the condensation issue.

Pic from 01-24-20109 - day before he went up. Koenders still keeping a small hole open.

Pic from 01-27-2019 - two days after he went up.

Measuring DO.

Snow not giving up easy this year.

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