Well, some slightly bad news. I am convinced we are once again battling condensation issues! Yes, it sucks. I thought we had it solved, but it is starting to look like it is not completely solved. I think it is substantially improved over last year, but not completely solved. The hole over the solar aeration appears to be closing up on me. Got a buddy going up hopefully soon to see about blowing out some condensation, running some alcohol through and collecting some data. If the hole improves after this we know we are battling condensation. As far as data, I would obviously like to get some DO numbers. We are also gonna get him to take a laser thermometer up and measure the ground temps in the valve box and the ground temps in the crawl space of the solar shed just so we start to get an idea of what we are up against.

Side note: the windmill hole has improved.

Possible solutions:
1) Check where weighted lines enter the water and make sure we do not have any "P Traps" there in shallow water that are collecting water and freezing.
2) Condensation trap in the crawl space of the solar shed. Highflyer and I talked about building an ~10" aluminum tube with baffles that could collect condensate and send it to a low point. Make a pin hole in the low point that would constantly bleed air and condensate as well. If we find the crawl space is no where near freezing this type of setup should have no problems.
3) Second condensate trap just before the valves in the valve box. Would have to be a smaller version, but it would have a pin hole as well that would constantly bleed out the condensate.
4) Timer controlled power wire ran from solar shed to the valve box and put some heat wire around the valves and out going weighted lines.

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