We have had some really good snow recently. If I had to guess the windmills just got over run with all the new snow. I looked back at some older pics from Winter 2015/16 and 2016/17. Both of those Winters the windmills really struggled to keep visible holes open for large parts of December, January and February. I think maybe part of the reason the Koenders did well last year was because of the lack of snow. We had basically zero snow until mid January. Maybe the Koenders hole is just bridged over by snow??

Now that we are having a more normal Winter the solar is somewhat struggling to keep up. We have had lots and lots of clouds and several times the remote monitoring program for the solar has indicated the panels were covered in snow. When the sun came out it took a little time to melt the snow off the panels and start charging. Not too worried about it currently as it should refill quickly once we have a good sunny day. Looking like a good day for sun for the next two days.

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