I thought I was seeing some odd looking minnows at feeding time lately. Last night I got a better look at the odd fellows and it turns out that they are YOY from the HBG (or RES). I only saw a few, they were about 2 inches long, the same as most of the FHM's that surface for feed, but they were more laterally compressed and deep with some darker colorings.

Now, I'm wondering what to do about it if anything. I still have tons of FHM's. I am feeding the HBG and HSB about 1/2 to 1 pound a day and do not believe that the YOY are important to the health of the pond this year. I'll try to trap some this week and see what they are. If they are HBG, they may go to the creek. If they are RES, I think they can stay as my fish have a lot of black spot grubs.

Fish on!,