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are the aerators running in these pictures? I don't see any bubbles or plumes. I would think running in warmest time of day would help warm/thaw the pond faster. If someone was there now they should be able to see in the shallows enough to see if there is life, no?

When do you hope to be there?

The quad is running in this pic and you can just barely make out the plume. The solar pump currently runs from 6:00am until 2:00pm Mountain time. Unfortunately the camera saves a high res image but only transmits a low res copy of the same image. I doubt the windmills were pumping during this pic. I am hoping one of my buddies will ride up in the next several days to do some looking around. I have a $100 bet with one of them whether the fish lived or not so I know he wants to get up there and see what he can find.

I will get there somewhere around the 1st of July.

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