I THINK we had much thicker ice this year (it was 2'thick). Unfortunately this is the first year we have even gotten any Winter DO and ice thickness data. I am sure one factor lead to thicker ice and I think a second may have contributed as well.

One - snow coming on so late and less snow than normal surely made ice thicker.

Two - I wonder if us lowering the overall water temp with so much aeration added ice thickness?

Two pics for comparison. Both taken on May 8th. In the future camera will remain in the same spot for better overall view and consistent perspective.

In the 2018 pic we are just now getting a little open water along the edge. This is after extremely warm temps up there. Today is supposed to break the record high. This is also with the solar driven pump running. I am also assuming the solar aeration is helping warm the water much faster in this 2018 pic. The "quad hole" has already gotten huge compared to windmills.

In 2017 pic you can see there is still a lot of snow left on East side of pond, but the ice is further along. This was with windmill aeration only. No solar at that time.

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