My buddy was able to get things mostly put back together today. Two of the solar strings are fine and one is down so we will be running at 66% production capacity till I get back up there. I talked to the manufacturer of the mount and they will sell me the individual parts I need to replace the bent pieces.

Good news is he hooked a Thomas 2660 pump up to the main air line, turned it on and air came out of an open valve down at the valve box so the line is no longer frozen up. Tomorrow morning at 6am we will begin pumping the quad diffuser 8 hours per day. I am assuming all the fish are dead and we should find out for sure here in the next 4 weeks or so.

I can't complain too much. I've dodged a ton of tree bullets up there over the years. Can't expect to win them all.

Here is where I got lucky last year! Tree is MUCH bigger than it looks in the pic.

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