This is my first post here and maybe a little lengthy.
I fish in a private lake, 130 acres. I pretty much have it to myself. It was drained and restocked in January of 2013. At that time all remaining fish were killed for a true restart. It was restocked with what I understand at that time 165,000 head of bream and shad. Later in that year a number of crappie were put in and by mid summer 6500 Tiger Bass
I can go into detail but bass have done very well, crappie not so much. Bream Iíve caught are about 5/6 inches long.
The owners of the lake have ask me to help them with management. I bought a API Pond Master kit. There planning of fertilizing the water this season. I know just enough to be dangerous! Anyway to day I check the water.the ph was at 9. Phosphate was .25 the other readings were normal. Iím needing to know what needs to be done if anything?
Is this test reliable, should I test in other parts of the lake, at different times of the day?
Will fertilizing be advisable? Help or hurt these readings
Should the water be tested for anything else?
Talk to me like Iím a dummy on this because I am!
Thanks very much