Dr. Luke - Thank you!

Canyon - I can do a relatively accurate job of monitoring the line pressure by watching the AMPs drawn by the pump. That information is reported by the remote monitoring system for the solar. When we first started the Thomas 2660 the pump was drawing 12.6 amps and pushing 40 PSI. We installed a valve in the line and manually adjusted the pressure down to 20 PSI by opening the valve and bleeding off the air. (I figured that would keep us safe if the line froze up again). Then he poured a quart of alcohol down the line. Over the next couple days the AMPs got down to the low 9s and even high 8s. I was very encouraged. Unfortunately, the AMPs only stayed at that level for a couple days. Then they started creeping back up. Today they are back to the low 12s. The only conclusion I can draw is the line cleared or partially cleared but is filling back up again.

Like I said above, zero indication of any aeration in the snow cover on the lake. The ice was 2' thick the last time he augured a hole to measure DO. No idea how long it would take aeration to eat through 2' of ice and at this point it really doesn't matter. At 12+ AMPs I think we might ruin the Thomas pump pretty quick.

This would have been a VERY easy problem to avoid/fix at any point this Summer if I had only known we would be battling condensation like this.

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