Well here comes a pretty sad update.

No hole open since Jan 10th. Started to worry there was a problem. Buddy went up Jan 28th and condensation in the main 1" air line is frozen up and the line is plugged. Compressor has been blowing off the pressure relief valve for who knows how long. He tried pouring some alcohol down the line and accidentally filled up the compressor with alcohol and left it like that. When the system came on the next day it either tripped the breaker, blew up or burned down. Maybe some combination of the three. No visibility to the solar system now so just best guesses.

Here's the real bad news. While he was there he got another DO reading. We were at 3.5 PPM and the water temp was 33.5 degrees. He measured in ~4' of water. He said he dropped the probe until it hit the bottom and then pulled it up 6" or so. All I can hope is that he produced an extremely low reading by dropping the probe into the sediment. Maybe he still had the end of the probe in the sediment or by dropping it he stirred up some sediment which led to the low numbers.

Good news is I have a plan for a temporary fix! We will see if I can get it executed from 1,700 miles away.

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