My buddy went up to the lake again this morning. Drained the line and said almost no condensation came out. That's great BUT it has only been one week week. Good thing is the pump is still drawing ~25% less power than before he drained so everything is working better. He got this pic around 9am so diffusers had only been running for one hour and hadn't cut through the ice yet.

This is the remote cam pic at 12:09pm and it appears the quad is through the ice, but hard to tell for sure. Notice the complete lack of snow!! Supposedly have some snow on the way. We will see if it amounts to anything.

I did have a total of 9 Vertex discs running. I had him shut off one of the single discs so that the other discs would receive more air. I think the quad will absorb most of the extra air and I am fine with that. He took DO readings from two spots again. This time he walked 10 yards out off the far shore and drilled a hole. He said the ice there was ~18-19" thick. Ice by the peninsula was still only 4-5" thick. With him reducing the aeration run time by one hour last trip, I felt better about having each diffuser getting more air now to hopefully chew through the ice easier. He is planning to go back up around February 10th to drain the condensation from the line again. If we need to we can close off another single diffuser at that time. Will definitely be increasing aeration run time by at least one hour for a total of 6 hours at that time as well due to more available sunshine/energy for the solar.

On to the data. After one week with the pump producing correctly again we had a slight decrease in water temp and a very small increase in DO. Will be interesting to see DO numbers from February with a full 4-5 weeks of unimpeded aeration.

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