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wb jr - It is very educational that you are providing good documentation for your solar aeration project in harsh winter conditions.

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Post away. The forum has been half dead lately with posts in the right "recent posts" column staying there sometimes a day.

Yours is an interesting project because it is so different challenges than most of us face. Because we do not often reply does not automatically mean we are not following along.

10-4. Thanks fellas. Just don't want to be a "Recent Posts" hog.

Pic from today. After a few more really windy days in a row the big windmill is finally kicking in (the big wet spot in the foreground of the pic). Thinking maybe a lack of aeration in that spot let the ice get really thick. Maybe close to as thick as the chunk they cut out. Must've just taken a certain amount of sustained wind to finally cut through the ice. Either way, hopefully it stays for a while. Seeing more progress in the solar diffusers as well. The plume from the quad is actually visible in the pic. Still expecting the area around the quad to break open more. There is a dual diffuser to the left of the quad hole and a single to the right.

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