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On each trip when the lines are drained, have him take along 3-4 bottles rubbing alcohol (91% Walmart). Iced lines can be cleared of ice by pouring about 1/2 to a cup of alcohol into the line and allowing it to soak for several minutes. That small amount of alcohol will not hurt the pond ecology. Rubbing alcohol is what is used in the windmill freeze control tanks. The mechanism on the tank releases a little bit of alcohol into the airline when an ice plug forms.
I will definitely get him to do that! Thanks for the all the info!

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Thanks Bill!
Absolutely awesome thread! I am always looking forward to updates. WbuffetJr IMHO you have to do a PBM article! smile
Thank you for following, Bill. Brian and I are going to put something together for sure!

Here is yesterdays pic. Already a lot of improvement in this pic.
After looking real close it looks like the quad hole got a little bigger as well. Todays pic will hopefully show more improvement.

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