I have some results from my buddy draining the condensation from the line. When he got there yesterday the PSI guage on the pump was reading over 20 PSI! He didn't think to check the PSI guage after he was done draining the line, but he will be back up there again in a few days. We do have some results though. So far, the pump is using 25% less power today than it was yesterday. Was averaging ~1,500 watts before and is at ~1,100 watts today! The remote cam pic is in as well and shows some big improvements in the diffusers that were struggling! Built up condensation had to be the problem.

As a temporary solution to get me through this Winter I am going to get him up there once every 30 days to drain the line again. I am hoping getting the pump back up to normal operation will raise our DO back up or at least stop the decline.

I can't get Imgur to upload todays pic. I will post an updated pic when available.

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