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Do you regularly clean the windmill diffusers each fall?. If check valve on the diffuser leaks ice plugs freeze in the airline. Do you have freeze controls with alcohol on your windmills?. Do you have pressure relief valves on the windmills?

Bill, sorry I forgot to answer this part. I clean the diffusers when I get there in July and clean them again in September just for good measure. I do not have freeze controls on the windmills. So far it has never been an issue up there for my windmills or the other windmills on the mountain. Maybe this year is just different because of the lack of snow. Both windmills do have pressure relief valves.

Here is an interesting pic from yesterday. My buddy said that around the peninsula, near the aeration, the ice was only 4-5" thick. The ice on the far side of the lake was much thicker. Here is the piece they cut out.

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