So here is what has been going on for the last couple weeks. I am attaching one pic of current conditions and an older pic for a reference of where all diffusers are placed.

For some reason now it seems like the single and dual diffusers are struggling to cut through the ice (except, inexplicably, the one single open in the pic).
-The quad has a great hole open every day (~20' deep).
-The dual diffuser hole, left of the quad hole, now seems to only make it to the slush stage every day. It has not made it to open water since 12/21. (~16' deep)
-The single diffuser that has the open hole in the pic was barely able to open a small hole earlier this month and now it has opened up considerably. Maybe coincidence but it seemed like this single diffuser starting making a better hole AFTER some more snow accumulated on top of the ice. (~8-10' deep)
-There are still two other single diffusers running that aren't even making the snow gray anymore. (One in back left of pic 6-8' deep and one in middle right of pic next to the quad ~16' deep)

Another confusing development. In the foreground of the pic, there is an area of graying snow that seems to possibly indicate some of that air is affecting the ice far from the diffusers. Same thing is going on even more so in the far back left of the pic.

We have had several VERY windy days up there. A few of them were consecutive. 30-40mph winds and the windmill diffusers aren't showing any evidence of progress of being able to open a hole. In the same windy scenarios last year at a MINIMUM some gray snow would start to show up and that was when we had a ton more snow.

I am assuming the colder water temps is making it harder for the diffusers to cut through the ice??? I am assuming the lack of snow on top of the ice this year is adding to the colder water temps? Can't explain why the one single diffuser is working so well and the dual, in deeper water, can't clear the slush and the other singles are showing no effect in the snow.

Current pic

Diffuser placement. Two closest diffusers are windmills.

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