Canyon - In some of Bill Cody's responses he talked about streams that get cold enough to form anchor ice and still have trout in them. IIRC, the anchor ice forms at slightly below 32 degrees but the water doesn't totally freeze because it is moving. Initially I was actually semi concerned that I might freeze the whole dang pond solid, but a couple people have assured me that cannot happen. I THINK our current theory is if the trout can survive streams that form anchor ice, they will survive my pond that will not get THAT cold. Therefore circulating the water and keeping holes open to off gas trumps the super chilling threat.

I think that is also basically what Snrub is saying.

Bill D - Thank you! Highflyer is gonna help me make that happen.

EDIT: I'll just add this. At this point I think the question is how much mixing do we want? I also have concerns about the smaller pump being able to keep as much open water as the big pump is currently doing. It has become a balance of not killing the fish and also not killing my battery bank! Haha

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