Something I have noticed catching RES is that most of the time they are finicky biters. It is like they are touching (with their mouth since they have no fingers) the bait to see if it is edible. I'll get a tug, tug, then if they like it they will take the bait. The tugs feel like a 2" BG trying to steal the bait, but in my forage pond there are no BG.

The ones I have caught in my main pond have been caught just like BG and they hammer the bait. But they are competing with BG for food. In my forage pond they are not. Don't know if that makes a difference or not.

Following Shorty's advice, I use a small jig (not as small as his though - I use 1/64 oz) with a tiny bait. Either a small plastic like he uses or a Gulp Alive chartreuse waxie or pink maggot or white maggot. Something small.

I'm pretty sure worms would work but I have lots and lots of bait stealing minnows in my forage and sediment ponds that will frustrate an angler using live worms. Been there done that.


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