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Don't admit defeat for your goal of keeping trout alive all winter until you run the quad diffuser in deeper water all winter. This may be a key part of winter aeration for your high elevation situation of a large pond with trout and heavy snow cover. The rule book for winter aeration has not been completely written and a lot still needs to be learned about pond/lake aeration. Your efforts for aerating a pond with trout and extended deep snow cover is providing very good baseline information.

As usual thanks for your input, Bill.

Your post leads me to yet another question. The small pump does not make quite enough Pressure to pump into the deepest part of the lake where the quad diffuser is. It also doesn't make enough CFM to be able to run more than 5-6 vertex discs. However, rough math says I can run it for 3x longer than the big pump. In my scenario, which pump would you run this winter? The bigger pump with 2x volume of air for 3-4 hours per day or the smaller pump with 1/2 the air for 8-10 hours per day?

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