I had stuff like that on and off for a couple of years... I know that's not what your want to hear, I used some c-flo beneficial bacteria to help aid in the killing off of the bad bacteria in my pond as well it's all about getting rid of that initial nasty muck layer. Like Esshup said you got a lot of excess nutrients. Course I only had to buy enough for one acre. What you could do though is buy 1 acre worth and put them all around your air station area in a 100 foot radius... It might help calm that particular area down. It's still took mine a while though. Remember your messing with stuff that hasn't been messed with in a LONG, LONG time...lol so it's gonna get pissed off at you.. lol.

Here is what I get for my pond. Not saying it's the best or there is nothing else out there that works better but I know this works. My water looks much better, my fish look a whole lot healthier and I am losing about 2 to 3 inches of muck a year where I treat it. I think this product works well as long as you have air running in your pond to help it activate and do it's thing! Also keep in mind I only treated twice a year It says you can treat up to 4 times a year. These disc's are not small they are about the size of a small Hockey Puck so don't be deceived by the picture. I like to randomly chunk them out around the air and shore line closest to the cabin and dock. Keep in mind 1 acre which I am sure you know this is a bout 208x208 feet. When your putting them in the pond I would also wear some kind of glove while chunking them.


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