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Ugh sorry to hear that Shorty.... I still cant catch any larger RES. I can catch 4 inchers on a worm and bobber around the shore so I know I have them but I just cant seem to catch any decent ones anymore... quite frustrating... starting to wonder if the bigger ones I had died somehow or maybe got ate by the GBH I don't know....

Frustrated RES owner... smile


I have no idea if this will work for you, RC, but when I was young we'd go out on the flats at False River, not far from Baton Rouge, and bait fish for CNBG and RES (we called RES shellcrackers).

We used glass shrimp to catch anything swimming by, CNBG, LMB, CC, and very occasionally a RES. We also used small crawfish.

We bought the glass shrimp from a bait dealer, but caught our own crawfish in roadside ditches. Action was slower than on the shrimp, except for the RES. They loved crawfish! Up to about 2 inches was ideal, especially for larger RES.

Might be worth a try. Best of luck!

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