Sad weekend as I found myself mowing my pond, yes that's right the water level is at an all time low, so much so that I had to mow it. The pond is 30-40 yrs old, 1/2 acre surrounded by trees. I've owned the property two years and have watched the water level fluctuate drastically. Lucky for me we were getting rain pretty regularly, so it hadn't been that bad although I knew it was losing water at a pretty high rate. As of last summer we've been in somewhat of a drought. All the heavy rains keep missing us. The water level has hit an all time low and now I'm wondering what can I do to "fix" it. Is this a situation where I have to dig out the pond and add clay? Or Would Soil-Floc work here? As the water has drained I can see the pond was dug with three deeper pools separated by flat ridges. The water in all three pools seem to lower at the same rate which tells me the water is seeping into the ground. The shallowest pool is only a foot deep as of today. Following are some photos. One is from a month ago and the second is the freshly mowed pond. Any thoughts?