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Not to rain (snow) on your parade, but we can see freshies above 9000' on the San Juans today. Hope your 8 acres keep on thawing.

The week of sunny weather you mentioned finally turned on the turkey gobbling around here. Hens finally appear to be nesting; gobblers find themselves alone sometime in the morning and are way vocal.

These Merriams turkeys travel way up high into the spruce fir forests in summer. Have you seen any up at your place?

When lakes in the high country are only ice free for 3 or 4 months of the year, it makes a guy wonder how any fish can prosper in them!

4 Corners, luckily in the pic from today it doesn't look like our place got any more snow. Even if we did, at this point I am happy as long as the lake doesn't freeze back over which I highly doubt will happen. Now I just have to get someone back up there to verify if the fish lived or not. Hopefully this weekend.

I should preface this next paragraph by saying we are only 3 or 4 years into a recovery from what everyone I know on the mountain considered a serious lion problem. Everyone was seeing them and hunters were having run ins. I had 3 close encounters personally. Our deer numbers were horrendous and small game was non existent.

So, I have never seen a Turkey at our place. I have recently started seeing them a little lower though. For the last two Summers we have had a resident flock or two that seems to hang around 8,500-9,000'. They seem to be doing well and multiplying. I hadn't seen a Grouse at our place in over a decade until last Summer. Saw a momma with a string of babies so they are finally back as well. I also saw more deer last Summer than I have seen in a LONG LONG time. Now, if only it could be a decade until I saw another lion I would be very very happy!

I know what you mean about the mountain lakes! It is tough conditions for sure!

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