Congrats on the opening in your ice. We're getting high winds here in Dolores area too.
Here's I thought I had for you a couple of days ago. I don't have any knowledge or experience with this concept, but perhaps it could help you out.
On your pond you have thick ice covered with heavy snow. Your ice could be a few feet thick; your snow is certainly several feet deep. In addition to windmill generated aeration lifting warmer water from the pond depths working on the ice, is there some way to harness solar energy to assist the ice melting? PV generated electricity could energize a grid or other device at the surface, melting the snow that accumulates above the heater. A closed loop of non freezing liquid could circulate, transferring solar panel heat to coils on the pond surface.
This ice melting device would be stationed, of course, right above your aerators. As you certainly understand, this additional heat energy could be just enough to help the aerator stream blow open a hole.
Some of us have helped our aerators get started at time by cutting even a small hole in the ice above the aerator with seemingly miraculous results.
I'm guessing you weren't able to install a darkly colored pole or pipe last summer to try to speed up ice melting?
Hope a little of this can help.
BTW, ice on our pond, which in past years has gotten as thick as 17" and persisted for 4 months, did not form until into January this year and was gone two weeks later, never to return!