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Only -8.5F? We has -16.2F Monday morning right before sunup.

What are the specs on both windmills in regards to CFM?


WOW! That is COLD!!!

We just came back from a week up there for Christmas. Took a snowcat to get up there. The coldest temps we saw while we were there was 0. We had ~4 - 5' of snow on the driveway but only ~18" on the lake due to wind it seems. I had pictures of holes from both windmills open in the lake before we got there, but all holes were frozen over by the time we arrived and on through until we left. Before we left, I closed one of the valves for the Koenders to force all the air to one diffuser. I figured one stronger diffuser might stand a better chance opening a hole than two diluted diffusers (The Koenders could not keep a hole open last year with two diffusers. This year I moved them close together thinking they might help each other, but it did not seem to be working). The day we got home I got a picture showing the American Eagle hole open again, but nothing for the Koenders.


From Koenders rep
"The compressor is capable of pumping 28 lbs pressure, but will only pump the amount necessary to push air into whatever depth water you have...for example 10 ft of water depth will require about 4 lbs. (aprx .4 lbs per ft of depth) And it will only require about a 9 mph wind to do it! The volume again varies with water depth. At 1 ft of depth you will get 3 cfm...at 10' about 2.5 etc."

From American Eagle website
The American Eagle website claims 3 CFM in 3-5 MPH winds and 6CFM in 15-28 MPH winds.

From personal observation in the summer and fall, I can see that the American Eagle unit puts out way more air than the Koenders. The plume from the diffuser seems twice as big.

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