To grow bigger BG, thin them, and start feeding feed them pellets. Ideally, thin the BG that appear to be the most abundant ones in a certain size class. To figure out if one size group is overly abundant, you can fish with a small baited hook (No 10 or 12) under a bobber and measure every fish caught. After catching around 50-100 fish arrange the measurements into size groups: 2.5"-4", 4.1-5.5", 5.6"-7", 7.2"-8", 8"+. The group with the highest number is the dominant size group in the pond. Ideally in a balanced general 'angling' community, you want the smallest group to be most abundant and the largest ones to be the smallest group. For groupings different than 'balanced' situation, the population is skewed in the direction of those that are the most commonly sampled. It is important to sample the fish with the least amount of bias. The small baited hook does a pretty good job of this.

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