In my forage pond, all I originally stocked was FHM and RES. Then later I put in a dozen GS from a bait shop.

Up till this year I have been very disappointed in the RES reproduction. This year I am getting considerable YOY RES.

Talking about food for RES, the FHM went gangbusters the first year. Would only catch one of the half grown GS in a minnow trap once in a while. But lots and lots of FHM. Then it seems the tide turned. Got where I could hardly catch any FHM or anything else last fall.

This year getting significant YOY RES and tons of GS fry in the traps. Rarely a FHM. Caught a couple nice RES (a male and a female I think) by hook and line but I try not to harass them too much because I want them to reproduce.

The long winded point I am trying to get to, is my best guess as to where all the FHM went to is in the RES. This small 1/20th acre pond I do not believe can create enough snails for the RES. I think they are making the rest of their diet up on the bugs that BG would eat and FHM.

In my 1/10th acre sediment pond I stocked RES. CNBG and FHM. FHM are kind of scarce (though they were thick the first year). Got quite a few Gams that came from somewhere, but relative low numbers of FHM. The CNBG have went gangbusters reproducing. The RES some, but nothing like the CNBG. I think the CNBG and the RES are putting the hurt to the FHM. I know I see YOY minnows huddled up in the very shallow inlet avoiding something and I think it is hungry BG and a few GSF that have got there somehow. I saw a CNBG try to nail a GAM that I scared out from around the edge. Could not tell if the CNBG got the minnow or not, but it sure tried.

Just my observations on FHM populations in absence of LMB but with significant BG and RES present. I think the BG and RES hammer the small FHM's. Will see how the GS do in with the RES in my forage pond. The very small YOY are thick right now.

Edit update 5/20/17. Come to find out I had three or four GSF in those ponds. Getting lots of RES/GSF hybrids. So the GSF and hybrids may have been the demise of the FHM's

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