My buddy had to walk about a mile to get in to the cabin yesterday. Snow is still up to his waist in places on the road that get little sun. So far, it looks like a huge success! Only saw one dead trout! He was not able to put eyes on any living trout. Not sure how many more died, but in years past with big fish kills it was like a slaughter house up there when the ice came off. There are no animals tracks around the lake or any other evidence that a bunch of dead fish have been eaten.

The windmill is definitely still working. Towards the far side of the lake in one of the pics you can see a hole in the ice with a duck decoy in the middle. I am just going to try something different with the diffusers this year plus try the pipe trick to see if I can't keep a hole open in the ice. Combined with clearing more trees (to add even more wind) and the addition of a second windmill I think things can only improve from here.

Last year on June 10th we stocked 175 12" rainbows. I will probably only stock 100 this year. (I don't even really want the rainbows, but I do need to be SURE I have survival). To me, this seems like a very small number of fish. I am just concerned about the carrying capacity of the lake thru the winter and I am trying not to push it. Does that seem like pushing it to anyone? While it is a positive to have soooo much forage in the lake, I think all that forage also brings a lot of BOD to the table in the winter.


P.S. This is the best I have ever seen or heard of this lake doing coming off a winter and I owe a TON of that to PB! This forum and the members of it (and one former member) have been a tremendous asset in working thru all of this!

Here is some of the walk up!

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