I did not have the alcohol thing going this winter. Didn't have a guaranteed way to keep it full.

I also did not realize that on a windless day, without an inline pressure gauge, I would have zero information to determine if the system was even working or not. So, when I went to look at it this winter all I know is there was no hole open and no indication there had been a hole open.

Long story short, I don't know if there was a plugged line, some other malfunction or just too much snow/ice. I won't even know if the thing is working properly now or not until hopefully this Friday if my buddy can get in.

I am quickly learning that up there I need to eliminate every possible variable I can.

Sooo, I ordered a 5 gallon air tank made for train horns. It has 7 threaded fittings on it. Will work perfectly for an inline "condensation" tank. I can put an air in, pressure gauge, condensation drain on bottom, two lines out for summer diffusers and two lines for winter diffusers. No pvc manifold required!

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