Okay, what we would call mortar sand around here. Yep, it's much finer than concrete or play sand. I'm thinking it will be tough to hold it in place, without it washing out into deeper water. It's fine enough to move when the wind blows over top, let alone the rain. I don't think it will hurt a thing, just not sure how long it will last.

"Forget pounds and ounces, I'm figuring displacement!"

If we accept that: MBG(+)FGSF(=)HBG(F1)
And we surmise that: BG(>)HBG(F1) while GSF(<)HBG(F1)
Would it hold true that: HBG(F1)(+)AM500(x)q.d.(=)1.5lbGRWT?
PB answer: It depends.