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Wow that is insane! Just don't know how you deal with that on a pond with air without being there to keep up with it... That's some snow dude!!


RC - It is definitely proving to be a challenging environment to say the least.

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Just curious....How the heck do you open the gate??! grin

Bill D - get on the backside of the gate and shovel away enough snow to open it!

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What you need is a monster snow blower on that snow cat when you get it!

Nice clear skies tho. Should make some power.

JKB - The Cat will have a blade on it. Maybe someone will be brave enough to drive it around on the lake and blade off strips of snow! smile
Tons of sun that's for sure! All these pics are definitely educational. Down by the lake must be getting a ton of wind. In the last pics there wasn't near the snow down by the windmill that there was up by the cabin. I am very interested to see if that is still true after all the new snow. If so, I wouldn't be near as worried about snow staying on the panels. Last pics showed south faces of stuff snow free!

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