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Will the PF525 do everything the other one does? Is that what we will be using?

The PF525 does not have the solar macro like the ABB, but will run from a DC solar source, and you can tweak it to almost everything except for the MPPT. But, MPPT panels on the cell level would eliminate that requirement.

I was reading on a solar install for a gub agency in NY where the guy set it up strictly DC and they used the PF753's on that.

You do know, that if this ever happens, I'm gonna have to go.


Well, hell yeah man I would hope you would come out!! Maybe Esshup would come too! Let's do it next September!

Yeah, you guy's go hunting/fishing/exploring, having fun, while I sit at my little plastic table with a dozen or so manuals open on my laptop to tweak parameters in.

Screw that! I'll be right there with you trying to learn as much as I can! We will have an added bonus out there now..... My life long friend and hunting partner is moving there. He has lived in SE Iowa for the last 10 years. He is selling 800 acres in Iowa and rolling it into a big place in Town. He just landed at the airport today so he could walk a few ranches he has been looking at. One is 1,000 acres with world class mule deer hunting on it!! Gonna be crazy!

You help me get this solar rig up and running out there and I promise you some fun!! That is if you will finally take a vacation! haha

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