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jr- I think we should talk. I will be switching over to a 220V system this year. I might know where you can get a solar system for cheap! wink. Also selling two windmills at discounted prices. I will be posting the entire BOM this winter for the solar design I have been running.

Windmill with this setup would almost certainly keep water open all winter long at my place here in central MN. We don't have the snow you do but we probably have comparable cold temps.

MnFish! Man it's good to hear from you again!

I am all ears on those windmills man! I was already thinking about maybe a second one for backup (my brand new one already had a failure and had to be repaired) AND I have been working on nailing down the 40 acres that joins ours. Has another 3 acre pond on it that will need a windmill! smile

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