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I suspect JKB can come up with a solar powered lens defroster if you just ask. He loves those kind of challenges! smile

Haha! I have no doubt he could figure it out and get it done!

Oh, NO!, you mount the camera in a box someplace with adequate protection from the elements.

I've read the ABB Solar Drive manual quite carefully today, and basically, it's configuration (set parameters) and forget. It can manage a remote solar rig by itself. All needed are solar panels, wire and hardware to hook things up and good to go.

However, a determination needs to be made if running with the sun will be good enough. Meaning, sun influence runs compressor, no sun, compressor is taking a break.

I sent an email to this company for more info on their rigs. http://www.solarmotorsystems.com/

Haha the camera is in a bear box 8' up in a tree. If the snow covers it then...... damnnnn!

That is all great news JKB!

Surely for what I am trying to do up there running only with the sun would be enough. Maybe Esshup came chime in on this one?

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