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Without the air running, you might have had the DO levels drop at a more shallow depth. For example at 5' instead of at 7'.

So even though you are not getting good levels all the way to the bottom, you likely are getting many more gallons of water oxygenated for the fish to live in.

The diffusers are moving x gallons of water from the lower regions to the surface to reach oxygen. It might take multiples of x to enrich the water all the way to the bottom.

Thanks for the insight Snrub! As far as multiples of X, that's at the top of the list for next summer. I just hopethe fish survive this winter.

I guess the bad part about a windmill is that without TRUE wind speed data, taken right there at the mill, one will never truly know what kind of oxygen one is producing. Now I have to buy a wind speed meter hahaha

Just keep in mind the bubbles add only minimal O2 to the water. The bubbles pump lower water to the surface where the air/water interface adds the O2. The bubbles are really just a low energy water pump. It is the movement of lower water to the surface that is the key, not the bubbles themselves.

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