Only going to use the heaters for spot heat to warm up the compressor heads, and not heat up the entire enclosure. That would take some juice.

Didn't stop by the main shop yesterday to see if the cap came in. I'll swing by later today and see.

Ohhh Boy, got a PO for a control package on a new rig at a fiberglass factory. I dread going in there and try get out as quick as possible, but am doomed to a solid week of nasty itching in August. Told my coworker he is doomed as well, and he just said, You Suck!

This place is really hot, even in the winter, so have to cool the controls. Can't use fan's with filters because of the fiberglass dust floating around. That would plug the filters up pretty quick, so have to use cold air guns.

One area I am looking into to try compensate for the thin air on the mountain is an air amplification rig. Not quite the same as a cold air gun, but would use compressed air from the compressor to increase the CFM while maintaining required PSI. I do have a couple of different gizmos from Vaccon to try. If I get 1 or 2 extra CFM, it may be a benefit.