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What did they say about altitude?

In Pueblo, the pipe mill specified everything to -40F "OPERATING TEMPERATURE", not storage temp. Buzzing up another 5000', well wink

I deal with temp ratings all the time. I don't think you understand what you outlined in Blue. It's like electrical.

JKB, just passing on what I was told. I agree, electrical component temperature parameters won't dictate how the compressor side of the system will work, and one day that cold does not show how well a system will handle a 30 day stretch of sub zero temps. But, data is data and I figure a bit more information is better than none.

I've run a Thomas for around 10 years in an unheated enclosure that was only protected from rain - no thermal insulation at all. Granted, it is a grid system, and yes, it ran 24/7 during the winter, not starting and stopping. And, yes, a Thomas isn't an apples to apples comparison.

As for the how well it will perform at 10,000' elevation, that question was asked and it hasn't been answered yet. wink

It has been asked and it's a derate of about 24% on the compressor side of things due to the thin air, no matter which compressor. Think of the Mopar Mile High Nationals. Those huffers don't huff as well as they do at Pomona.

The electrical may only be 20%, but needs to be verified.

At that elevation, if your terminating uninsulated wires, the minimum spacing is 9.1mm, otherwise you could get arcs jumping from one to the next. You need to lay this out quite carefully to avoid potential issues.

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