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What did they say about altitude?

In Pueblo, the pipe mill specified everything to -40F "OPERATING TEMPERATURE", not storage temp. Buzzing up another 5000', well wink

I deal with temp ratings all the time. I don't think you understand what you outlined in Blue. It's like electrical.

JKB, just passing on what I was told. I agree, electrical component temperature parameters won't dictate how the compressor side of the system will work, and one day that cold does not show how well a system will handle a 30 day stretch of sub zero temps. But, data is data and I figure a bit more information is better than none.

I've run a Thomas for around 10 years in an unheated enclosure that was only protected from rain - no thermal insulation at all. Granted, it is a grid system, and yes, it ran 24/7 during the winter, not starting and stopping. And, yes, a Thomas isn't an apples to apples comparison.

As for the how well it will perform at 10,000' elevation, that question was asked and it hasn't been answered yet. wink


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