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If the airline has a slope to the pond, I doubt that if you will run thru the whole tank of alcohol in a winter. When you get the unit, make a note of what bearing size is needed for the windmill shaft. They make 2 sizes, and if it goes bad (which it will) you won't be happy if you have to climb up there just to figure out what size to order. You might want to order a diaphragm repair kit in a year or 2 - 3-4 years is about the life of them.

Alcohol - get a 5 gallon can from an auto body paint supplier - buying it in pint to quart containers from the pharmacy is nuts. Running a larger airline than what comes with the unit is a wise idea. The ones that I've seen all come with 3/8" airline. Just do some DIY and upsize the fittings. The anti-freeze unit doesn't kick in until it senses a blockage in the airline, so a larger ID line will have less chances of getting blocked, which will reduce the amount of alcohol comsumption (of the windmill wink grin )

Ahhh got it. Great advice! Thanks!! I did get the optional "tippable mounts" for the base so I can just tip it down to work on it. We have tons of visitors come thru so muscle to help is no prob. I am planning on getting the airline from you so don't let me forget to go bigger! smile. I also have a friend that owns an auto body place so I will get with him! I hope we got even more wind there than I think we do!
Thanks again for all the help!

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