I set the rig outside all day, just because it was cold, windy, and had snow flurries, and the freezer is at the other shop. At the end of the day, the drag was noticeable rotating it with your finger from the difference of being in +70F temps. Not sure what the temp was, but probably below what is in the manual. When the cap. comes in, I'll pop it in the freezer. I can't believe the motor would be a huge weak link here for starting, but it could be if it's too cold.

Gast said these will not start under pressure, which we won't be (going thru an expansion chamber first), but if the starting torque is only 40%, that's not much. A 1 pound gerbil on a 10" diameter wheel could pull more than that off.

It's a very simple design, which is nice, and also think it lends itself to be fit with a much better/higher efficient motor, but that's cartoon and machine shop time.