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JKB check this out and tell me what you think. I have sent them an email but have not heard back yet.


That is pretty interesting. I was wondering if someone had a product out there, but never looked. I was thinking of rotating the panels to dump the snow off. Still thinking of rotating the panels to position them better for the seasons.

I ordered a PTC Heater today. Had to get a bunch of stuff for a coaster project and one of our suppliers stock them. See how it works.

Had to order a capacitor for the compressor. Not supplied with the compressor. Gast said you have to order these separately. That was 42 bucks! About a week out. Not even going to ask them about their rubber isolation mounts, I'll get them from one of our other suppliers.

One of the deals with starting this compressor cold, is it may not start. The motor has very low starting torque and it may not be able to overcome the drag of the cold bearing grease and piston cup friction. I'll toss it in the freezer overnight and see what happens.