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This project has gone outer limits you guys!!! We have been trying to come up with a way to heat our pumps to save on diaphragm life during the winter months. For remote locations as well. -20F makes for brutal conditions for any rubber, especially with high cycle rates.

FWIW -We never tested this last winter but we did prototype one. Simply used a pilot light burner like on any water heater. Put the flame inside of a 3" stack. Ran the stack through the compressor box, out the top. Wrapped the stack with 1/4" woven wire and rocks against the stack. Small intake hole to the outside for make up air. No flame in the compressor box as moisture would be a real problem. Indirect heating of the air. Never did the calculation but I would bet a 20lb LP tank would have lasted the winter.

mnfish! I was hoping you would come back! smile

This project has definitely turned into a lot more than I expected. Unfortunately, I have a dream for the place and I can't stop until it's done.

So you are using those pumps in temps far below the rated temps right? They never fail on you during the winters? What is the deal, you just end up rebuilding them more often!

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