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The linears are further down. They don't have the PSI you need.

At your elevation, I would stick with the BLDC motor, whichever one is the most suitable for your requirements. The 75R would work if they really offer it in BLDC for a single purchase.

If anyone is interested, there is a new 230Vac 75R on ebay for $280.00 or best offer. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GAST-75R645-P101...P-/291408932091

I was going to have a friend of mine buy it for me, but really don't need one at the moment.

EDIT: I've been looking all morning, and am not coming up with an off the shelf solution in BLDC for your application. Not even in multiple smaller pumps.

I'm also finding that your ambient air temperature in the winter may be too cold for these to operate without a heat source.

I filled out Gast's custom pump questionaire asking about the BLDC 75r. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon. I will probably be too impatient and call them Monday.

Heat source..... I guess this couldn't be solved by enclosure could it? I could build some sort of "dog house", one for summer and one for winter. Put the winter one on when I leave in late September. I know that wouldn't help it at startup in the dead of winter and maybe that's when it would need the most help. I'm sure you've got an idea!! Thanks for spending so much tme on this!! If you ever make it out to CO, you're invited up to go fishing!!

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