I looked at this earlier today (on the other thread) and those particular motors appear to be a 50Hz design. If they are available in BLDC, that would be great.

I was looking at the 75R earlier to give a bit of cushion for your application. They say they are available in BLDC, but don't give any specs. I wonder if it's a custom compressor then?

They do make these for a lot of other companies around the world, and mention that if you see something in their standard lineup, but need a different configuration or motor, they just may be making it for someone else.

You really do want to stick with DC. It's quite straight forward, and would be best in an un-managed remote site like you have.

AC will be much more complicated and more expensive for a remote rig like this.

Got a bit further today on the grid tie micro inverters running them off grid. I better understand the problems now, but don't think they are that much of an issue.

I suppose the next step for me is to do the cartoons and get some parts on order and give it a whirl.