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The RTD Models are European set up for 50 cycles of A/C electricity. The USA uses 60 cycles. Using the 50 cycle unit will work, and you will actually get a few more RPS/Output, but the lifespan will be much shorter and make sure it is in a fireproof enclosure because it'll get damned hot!

Some of the best Gast Units are the 71R, 72R, and 75R twin cylinder models, in ascending CFM maximum order. The 75R models are awesome!

Ok, got it. So that's the difference between the 50 and 60 hertz. From reading on here I have also learned that 24v volt will be more efficient. I'm that uneducated. No joke.

Sooo, this one seem more what I need (seems like it can do either 50 or 60 hertz)?

In the details it says these can be ordered in 24 volt and brushless DC. Do you just call Gast and they make one up for you like that?

As far as the heat..... that leads to more questions. Will both the 50 & 60 hertz units get that hot? What kind of enclosure does one house these things in? Maybe that much heat could be an advantage in the winter up there when it is -20?? If I ever add batteries to this setup, it seems like having the batteries in the same enclosure would be an advantage in the winter and a big no no in the summer??

Assuming that pump would fit my application, the real fun begins. What would I need to run it?

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