Repost so I am not hijacking anymore!!

Ok So I got to talk to Esshup. He suggested three 9" Vertex diffusers. He said each one requires .5 cfm minimum to open but 1 cfm would be better. Then after derating for the altitude I'm looking for 4 CFM. The deepest water at my place is 21-22' so PSI after cushion and derating 15 PSI should cover it. Sooo, Three diffusers and a 4 CFM 15 PSI compressor. Sound good to you guys?

As far as compressors, do I just look thru all the GAST models and find one with those stats? Does it matter what design? Definitely looking for durability. If the compressor fails up there, it could be months before anyone knows and a trip up there to check on it would only happen in the snowcat!! (not saying that wouldn't be fun)

Maybe one of these guys?? Both look like they're available in BLDC

Thanks guys!

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