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You said you get lots of wind year round. If that is the case, the lake might stay pretty well mixed in the summer via natural forces.

Are you where you can monitor temperatures at different depths this summer? The reason is that if you can determine you have a thermocline at a certain depth where the water temperature rapidly drops, then maybe aeration might do you some good. But if the wind is mixing the water pretty well, then summer aeration might be of more limited value.

Making the lake bigger and deeper might also help with the winter kill situation.

You could focus on getting the air for winter needs first to keep some open water. Fix the fish kill problem first. Then advance to deeper water diffusers if you still think you need it later.

Thanks Snrub! I could definitely take temp measurements this summer if I had the right meter. Is there a decent unit that won't break the bank that y'all recommend? Maybe one that does temp and DO? I'd have to guess that would get expensive BUT maybe it is necessary to monitor the health of the lake??? Would that be nice or a necessity?

Keeping holes in the ice seems like what I need to setup for first and foremost. If that is the case, then maybe I stick with the American Eagle unit since it produces the most CFM but can't go deep?? I have yearly budget to spend on the place and I could get a second WM to do deep water in 2016 if needed.

Sound like a solid plan?

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