Thanks so much for the replies!

I was there for a month this summer getting a ton of work done so I can't be back early for scouting, plus I know the place like the back of my hand! smile I have friends down in town where I can have shipments dropped off and then I load it onto a trailer and haul it up the mountain so that's no problem.

How would I handle the different diffusers for summer and winter? I'd like to run the fine ones for the summer to enter winter with as much DO as possible but then sounds like I definitely need the coarse ones for winter. I think we probably get up to 4-5'+ of snow on the lake for quite some time (on a bad year of course)! Would it be a big job to switch out diffusers in say September each year? The AE windmill says it can run 1 Diffuser @ 16 or Less, 2 Diffusers @ 8 or 4 Diffusers @ 4. Should I be thinking 4 or 2?

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