Thanks spanky.. I think I can use 2 people. My pond is an elongated oval. I think I can start on the end of the oval and drag across the whole pond at once. That might take just more than 100' of rope though. It also means I'm straining the whole pond width at once. I don't know if this means the leaves that build up and drag along will get too heavy and fall out or it means that my setup will take less time since i can do the whole thing in one pass ! smile

I'm guessing I'll be starting at the small end of the oval, walking the rope along the edge of the pond till I'm about 1/2 way down the rope length, then trying to throw that end across to the other side (maybe diagonally across back towards where I started rather than straight across), then walk the two ends back to each other making a big loop and then drag the loop back in to where I started.